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Here are some frequently asked questions about nuu:bit's platform:

Q. My web application has some long running processes (like generation of a large reports) and it takes a lot of time for my server to complete such requests. As the result I'm receiving timeout errors from your CDN servers. What's the default data read timeout and how can I change it?

A. Our default data read timeout is 20 seconds and it can changed on "General Settings" domain configuration tab (field "Data Read Timeout").


Q. My website is using a "naked" domain (an Internet domain name without the "www" or any other subdomains. For example, nuubit.com is a naked domain but www.nuubit.com is not, because it contains the www subdomain). Can you handle such domains?

A. Yes, we can handle a "naked" domain but you will need to migrate the DNS domain to our platform (powered by our DNS partner NS1). 


Q. How can I test my domain and SSL configuration changes before they are applied to my production configuration (and potentially negative affecting my end-users)? Do you have any kind of development/testing environment?

A. We utilize the concept of so-called "staging" environment where your modified configuration is sent when you click on "Update" button (instead of "Publish" button). Please see portal page "Web -> Staging Env." for details how to use the staging environment.

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